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cheap Vaporizer
Posted by: huado233 ()
Date: September 04, 2018 04:15AM

Dry Herb And Wax Vape Pen
The Casper Trio includes everything you need to start vaporizing. it comes with 3 premium quality coils.which is capable of vaporizing all different types of waxy concentrates and herbs. it features a all-in-one solution Dab tool and magnetic model designed with you in mind.provides for a great user experience.
Product name Casper Trio
Size 3.7in Tall / 22mm Wide
Weight 237g
Works with Trio atomizers
Atomizers Included 3
Coil Metal Grade 1 Titanium
Double Coil-Quartz 1
Ceramic Coil-less 1
FLAT DRY herb coil 1
Waxy concentrates YES
Herb YES
Battery Power Req. 35W
Battery Capacity 1000mah
Threading 510
Silicone Container Included
Dab tool Built-in to coil cap
Charger Micro USB
Casper Trio vaporizer's first feature is the integrated dab tool. Grab your concentrates with this amazing dab tool. making dabbing waxy concentrates much easier and more precise.
The Snap-Tech threading making the loading of the materials speedy fast and extra tight.

TRIO-Ceramic Donut Coil
•Balanced Heating
•Pure Flavor, Taste and Vapor
•No Glues or Dyes
•Deep-Seated ChamberTRIO-Dual Quartz Coil
•Instant Heating
•CERAMIC Chamber
•Dual Crystal Quartz Rod
•Dual Titanium Coil
•No Glues or Dyes
TRIO-Flat DRY Herb Coil
Casper Trio Herbal Vaporizer features a ceramic pad which vaporizes your herbs or ground material with stunning efficiency. Ceramic is used for so that it won’t add any flavors to your dry herb. All you’ll tastes is the pure flavor
coming from your favorite ground material. The Casper Trio
herbal vaporizer uses conduction vaporization to extract the essential effects from your dry herb.
Conduction vaporization is a form of vaporization in which the herbs are directly heated by a heating coil, allowing for quick heat up times.
1xCasper Atomizer
1xFlat dry herb coil with cap
1xCeramic donut coil
1xSilicon jar
1xUser manual
1x Casper Mod
1xDual quartz coil with cap
1xUSB Cable
1x Crystal box
How do vaporizers work?
Vaporizers work by cooking cannabis rather than burning it, avoiding the production of smoke and its acrid, toxic constituents. By heating the herb short of the temperature of combustion, the THC and other cannabinoids are evaporated into a thin mist for inhalation, while the fibrous plant matter is merely browned.
Different vapes achieve this by different methods. Most are convection vapes, where air is heated by a hot element or heat exchanger, and forced through the plant material - either by being drawn by the user's lung power, or pushed through with a fan. Other vapes are conduction vapes, and work by direct contact of the heating element with the herb. Conduction tends to vaporize less evenly, but is good for compact design. Mind you, for vaporizing oils, conduction is superior.
Vapes may also be rigged up to a bong or a bubbler for extra filtration, which will remove trace amounts of dust for an even smoother hit, as well as cooling and perhaps humidifying the dry vapour stream. Certain vapes are built with water filtration in mind, and many have optional accessories available for connecting to glassware.
Why are vapes so expensive?
Vapes need to be well-designed to be genuinely effective, so you'll actually choose to use them; they should use quality parts made from non-hazardous materials; and be of sturdy build so they last you a long time.
Some vapes are likely to offer consistent, premium performance over years and years of heavy use. But others might well not last you a month. You may not mourn their passing anyway, considering the kind of weird-tasting half-burnt vapor you might well get from them. So it is important to do your research.
But due to vaping's efficiency, money spent on a quality vaporizer will returned to you - and very quickly, too, if you are a heavy user.
What do I do with vaped herb?
Vaped cannabis, or ABV (already been vaped), and confusingly also known as AVB (already vaped bud), as well as 'duff' and 'vape poo', still contains some cannabinoids. These goodies can be got at by using the ABV for edibles, tinctures ... or even smoked (though this somewhat defeats much of the purpose of vaping - namely, avoiding smoke).cheap Vaporizer

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Re: cheap Vaporizer
Posted by: mcguffiejasper ()
Date: October 10, 2018 09:13AM

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